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To me, photography is a passion that sets my soul on fire. What makes my photography deep and meaningful is the creativity that flows in my work. Creativity and a strong passion for creative arts is a trait that actively runs through my family and has touched me and my work as well. My father brings color to life by painting, my sister fills our lives with harmony by playing the piano and my mother keeps us encouraged with the best food in the world. I began my creative journey as a professional violinist in Italy and performed with Symphony Orchestra for quite a few years. My fondness for photography began to develop by visiting a number of exhibitions. The vividness I saw in each piece of art brought a passion for photography to life in me and I felt inclined to this creative field wanting to explore more of it. And so I dived headfirst into the world of photography and since then there has been no turning back. I have been a professional photographer for fifteen years now and I have never been happier. I have captured a wide variety of images in my career as a photographer and after 8 years in California I recently moved back to Europe, in the fascinating city of Paris. I have visited quite a few places in my life and I have always been fascinated with the architectural differences and museums in each of these places. I especially love taking pictures of homes. I believe that the essence of a home is captured in its fine detailing in every nook and corner of the house. Each home tells a story and being able to bring enhance the beauty of a home makes it one house that speaks a thousand words. And that’s something I love doing. When you take a look at the work of any standard photographer and compare it to the work of an artist who is a master of his craft, you can immediately tell the difference. A standard photographer works from frame to frame but a master can bring an artistic touch to each and every creation of his, making the work seem more like reality that goes beyond the boundaries of a frame. I feel fortunate that I possess an artistic soul, which enables me to bring beauty to every picture. A skill at photography is a gift that is developed with time. Just like an ordinary individual cannot become a writer with an expensive pen, one does not become a photographer with a multifunctional camera. I bring pictures to life and I hope you will feel the same when you work with me.


Ercole has amazing natural talent. After viewing his photos of my home, that I listed for sale, I completely reconsidered my decision to sell this beautiful place that I had invested so much of my life. My home looked spectacular. His work of art, in photographing my home, led to off the chart "views" and over 8 offers in just 3 days on the market. I will use and recommend Ercole (True Ambience) again and again. It was a sincere pleasure getting to know this gifted artist. Thanks Ercole for your beautiful attention to detail!!!

Threedaisies T.


I have been in real estate for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working with many real estate photographers over the years but no one, and I mean no one, compares to Ercole! I have had him take pictures for two of my personal homes and many client' homes now and I can not imagine ever using another photographer - he is an exceptional artist and knows how to make the best attributes of the home shine through without embellishment.

Jordan C.

Ture Ambience and Ercole are the ONLY photographer I will use! We close around 50 real estate deals a year - and I will only use Ercole for my listing photos. He has an amazing "eye" for photos and always makes my listings look THE BEST! My sellers often comment at how unbelievably good their home looks in the photos, and I would say in my 19+ years in selling real estate - -PHOTOS can sell a house even before a buyer gets inside. I think Ercole is so talented - I even hired him to photograph my wedding! I would NEVER use anyone else! A+++++
Sara F.

Ercole is a consummate professional. Whether for personal wedding and family photos or professional photos for real estate listings, True Ambience is truly one of the best in the business. Having used several photography studios over the last few years, I can honestly say that True Ambience has been the easiest to work with and has provided extremely high quality photos. The icing on the cake is that Ercole, besides being professional, is a great guy. I wouldn't use anyone else!
Jennifer W.

I've worked with many photographers through the years and Ercole is on the top of the list. He's professional, speedy and took beautiful photographs. When selecting a photographer for marketing purposes you have to be selective and True Ambience fits the bill. His photographs have made my listing look better than real life and will help sell it quickly. I would absolutely recommend Ercole to a business associate or friend.
Lisa P.

I have been in the real estate business for over 13 years and have worked with many photographers on my listings. True Ambience, and Ercole, is by far the best photographer I have ever worked with. His photos are incredible with the way he shoots each picture. He always knows how to showcase the home from the best angle and the best light so that the home really standout with the highest quality photographs. I have also had the pleasure of seeing Ercole's work that he did at a friend's wedding which turned out to be simply amazing. Ercole is extremely easy to work with, takes the most beautiful photos and I can't recommend him highly enough to anyone looking for a photographer.
Stephanie W.

True Ambience does a fantastic job with photos of any kind. I've seen personal photo shoots, and many housing photo shoots. The quality of their photos are top notch, and they always have a quick turnaround time. I can always count on this company any time I list a property to make appointments with my sellers happy! My sellers are always extremely happy with the quality of their high resolution images! Highly recommended!
Cheree B.

True Ambience has provided us the best photographs of any photographer we've used in our 30 year career in real estate. Whether using Ercole's services in real estate or for family photos, he is truly an artist in his craft. He is very accommodating in every way and his photographs have definitely been instrumental in selling our listings! I highly recommend Ercole and his services. He's a wonderful guy as well and so pleasant to work with!
Linda G.

Ercole did a fabulous job on the photographs for my home listing!! Stunning! He was meticulous in every detail and his sense of color was perfect. He easliy determined the best shots for a large complex landscape and managed to capture the wonderful ambience!
Highly recommend his skill!
Georgina M.

Ercole Salinaro of True Ambience did great work on my home photography. He was patient, insightful, efficient and pleasant. I would recommend his work to anyone.
Mary A.

Ercole photographs of my condo for sale were so good that my friends were astonished by the results.
The angles, the lights, everything was perfect. I absolutely recommend Ercole for any kind of photo service. I am actually thinking to use his service for other type of photo shoots.
Daniela C.